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    Access to Citizenship Office under Prime Minister's Office

    1. Dress in a decent manner and in official wear prior to accessing any PMO Offices.
    2. Those who are dressed with short trousers and wear caps are not allowed access to the PMO.
    3. The public is not allowed to use the lift or circulate in the corridor of our respective offices.
    4. Customers and clients must have prior appointments before they can ask to have access to the compound, or to see anyone working in the PMO. A security log book will be given to our sentry officers to monitor the movement of people and appointments.
    5. With the exception of Ministers, VIP and G vehicles as well as all private vehicles that do not belong to PMO staff, are not allowed to park in the Compound. Only authorized vehicle are allowed to enter the compound.
    6. Smoking is forbidden in the compound and office corridors.
    7. We will deny access to Citizenship customers if they do not comply with the regulations stated above.