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    The Vanuatu Government, through its Citizenship Commission and Citizenship Office, wishes to inform all its Citizenship Designated Agents and persons interested in its following Citizenship Programs:

    1. Citizenship Contribution Program.
    2. Honorary Citizenship Development Support Program.
    3. Citizenship Real Estate Option Program.

    That it does not recognize and will not accept any payments made under these three Programs by Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency. It further wishes to state that the only currency that is being recognised legally and stated in the Regulations made under the Citizenship Act [CAP 112] for these three Programs, is the US Dollar.

    The Citizenship Commission reiterates that the oath of allegiance made by the applicant (and spouse) under these two programs should be in physical presence of a Commissioner for Oaths as prescribed by its Act. Due to the spread of CORONA VIRUS in Asia region and restriction borders , The Office of the Citizenship an/Commission has accepted digital media ( Video Conference ) for the Oaths presentation.